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. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. the street? cbs reporter kristine la call, that surpr >>> so what would you do if you found an envelope of cash lying in the street? >> exactly what the person in this story did. the 911 call that surprised even the police. >> reporter: gerardo and his friends went out for pizza, and literally stumbled upon nearly $800. >> as he was exiting the passenger seat, the first step is where he landed right on the envelope. >> reporter: inside, a plain white envelope, just laying in the parking lot, with a stack of cash. >> our first thought was, let's take it. then we decided, wait, wait, no. >> reporter: the 18-year-old college student decided to call police and turn the money in. >> the cop was actually surprised. he said, we really don't get calls like this, especially teenagers, which is what i guess surprised them the most. >> reporter: while we were in the middle of reporting our story, a woman came out of this cell phone store and said she believed the money belonged to her manager. we called gerardo back and put the two of t
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no idea. she got a call a week ago that she won a contest to come to l.a. from germany to see the parade. >> there's no way to describe it. i'm really thankful they chose my husband. it's overwhelming. >> reporter: out of so many deserving soldiers in afghanistan, sergeant pazz said he was nominated and selected for his numerous deployments, valor awards, being wounded in service, and his family situation. >> it's great honor to represent all the soldiers over there doing all these great things every day that don't get recognized. >> reporter: the couple was shy in front of the camera. >> yo look beautiful. >> reporter: but they wanted to share this embrace for all service mecmbers who can't be with their families today. >> ah. you see these reunions all the time and they never get old, right? i love it. that was kcbs's rachel kim this morning. coming after after your local news on "cbs this morning," the reaction to the last-minute agreement to avert the fiscal cliff. i'm terrell brown in new york city. this is the "cbs morning news." this the "cbs morning news." th? describe the room.
's check this elaborate rescue for a little lucky dog. rescuers were called to mcarthur park in downtown l.a. yesterday when someone spotted the dog stranded in the middle of the lake. >> i had to come out and see for myself before sending somebody out. it didn't seem possible. i saw the it stranded. >> rescuers had to swim to the dog, put her in a harness. and hoisted her on a zipline to safety. no microchip so unless her owner comes forward, she will be adopted. i bet she will get snapped up in no time. >> if they swam out, why don't they just swim in? >> maybe she would fight with them? >> she made it. >>> coming up they perform on the field. >> but this line is proving that football players can dance too. you won't want to miss the 9ers victory dance coming up next. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rol
by his superiors in afghanistan. boomer yam had no idea. she got a call saying she had won a contest to come to l.a. from germany and see the parade. >> there is no words to describe it. really thankful they chose my husband too. and this is overwhelming. >> the couple has been married for eight years and he said it was difficult to keep such a huge secret from his wife. >> the reunited family will spend the next five days sightseeing. >> and it's going to be nice and warm down in southern california. not like it is here. >> doesn't that story give you chills? >> i was thinking goose bumps or chills from the cold weather outside. thank you for that. how cold is it be let's head outside right now. looking out towards san francisco where today's high was only in the low 50s. we were averaging 3 and 4 degrees below normal. now temperatures are going downward very rapidly. the red highlighted areas on your tv screen is we have a freeze warning in effect. this does encompass the north bay areas. blue area happens to be around san francisco. just an about everybody is going to be extremely
finishes with 90-yards and four touchdowns. goes deep to harry dougs las. i thought it was the play of the game. initially ruled a catch. the call will stand, harbaugh obviously didn't agree. this could have been a touchdown, had they caught that ball in stride. 4th and 4. bolden who might have gone away with something. defense shut down the falcons. for the sixth time in franchise history, 49ers going to the super bowl. the first five under the ownership of eddie bartolo. >> i'm emotional and the tradition continues with a fantastic family who is done this and they did it with clation wrks a great -- class with a great organization. fantastic coach, fantastic staff and it's just the beginning. i love you all, god bless you. >> and i love you. we've been there for each other through thick and thin. we've come full circle. the dynasty will prevail. >> the friction between the brother and sister and dr. york was there. i thought it was a classy touch. falcons outgained 49ers by a little over 100 yards. san francisco once again got it done. and l
. her brother, 17-year-old la lavanion. he was only there for a week. the 300 block. the neighbor was one who made the call. >> i heard a woman just screaming and crying and screaming and yelling. he told me, don't go over there because he's dead and, you know, in a bad way. >> reporter: deputies found lavanion with multiple gunshot wounds and one trying to save his life. >> deputies attempted cpr, but medical personnel pronounced the suspect deceased. >> reporter: he was smart and athletic and believes this was a mistake because he was new to the area. >> i know it happened for nothing, basically somebody just got the wrong thing, got it confused. he's not from out here. >> reporter: the family had a rough year. someone shot into their house. the family tried to transfer out of murin city, but they could not move. the sheriffs say they don't have a suspect description at the time. cbs5. >> muran county is hosting the gun buyback program next week. people from sonoma and san francisco will get $200 for a semiautomatic handgun or long gun. ot
. terrell brown is tracking the storms. the 911 calls in texas. what's the threat? the flu. dr. jon lapook on the outbreak. what some women who own firearms think of the new push for gun control. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> axelrod: nancy cordes takes a look. and class act. >> i felt that way when i was in afghanistan. you know, we looked at each other as brothers. >> axelrod: moving veterans from the battlefield to the classroom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we're still a week away from groundhog day tonight, but in much of the country people don't need any help figuring out winter will be with them a while longer. they can feel on their frozen faces. again tonight, temperatures are dropping below normal across much of the country. and terrell browb reports there's more snow and ice to come. >> reporter: at this volunteer tent on new york's staten island, donna graziano is helping
that video games contribute to a culture of violence, even from the head of of the nra, wayne lapierre. >> and they play murder, portray murder as a way of life. and then they all have the nerve to call it "entertainment." >> reporter: the video game industry rebuffed a government crack down 20 years ago by creating ratings, similar to those for movies. violent games are rated m which the industry considers suitable for ages 17 and up. critics say that's not enough. they want the government to order that violent games carry warnings like those on cigarettes. >> the game industry has a responsibility to make sure they're marketing these games for adults. ryan smith is a journalist whose specialty is video games. he says violent games must be rebranded to make it clear they are not for young people. >> maybe with that, like separation, that parents would be more aware of maybe i shouldn't be buying this for my kids. >> reporter: "cbs news" saw a comment from this story from the video game industry but a spokesman did not respond. the industry has cited the supreme court decision of
you stop the violence? that consultant, william bratton, the former police chief of l.a. and new york told cbs 5 last week he supports a concept called stop and frisk. >> for any city to say they don't do stop and frisk, i'm sorry, they don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> reporter: the very next day the oakland police chief seemed to shoot down that concept. >> we expect our officers to continue to practice good constitutional policing. so i don't agree that this stop and frisk issue is something that -- that we need to -- to deal with here in oakland. >> reporter: meanwhile. gerline robert says she'd like to see more conversations about getting more cops on the street. >> if they're going to spend money on a consultant to bring him in seems like they would spend more money on policing the city itself instead of bringing in the consultant that will take more money away from the city. >> reporter: so right now much of the debate is centering around stop and frisk. the police say no
>>> president obama says now is the time to reform an immigration system he calls out of date and badly broken. speaking at a hispanic high school in las vegas, he pushed a senate plan for a path to citizen for millions of illegal immigrants. the president said he is hopeful, acknowledging there will be fierce debate. >> for the first time in many years, republicans and democrats seem ready to tackle this problem together. but this moment, it looks like there's a genuine desire to get this done soon. and that's very encouraging. >> the senate proposal would grant temporary legal status to applicants who pass a background check, pay fines and back taxes and learn english. after that, they could apply for citizenship. the bill could come up for a vote as early as this summer. >>> a soldier who lost all four limbs in a roadside bombing in iraq now has two new arms. the 13-hour surgery at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore which attached arms from a deceased donor was extremely complicated. doctors connected bones, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves
assignment, prince harry suffered through bad press and a scolding from the queen after a wild night in las vegas. as he headed home, the prince took a shot at the press for reporting what he called rubbish. >> let myself down. let my family down, a lot of people down. at the end of the day, one should expect a certain amount of privacy. >> reporter: he was wild about another headline. his brother prince william and his wife kate are expecting a baby. harry says he can't wait to be an uncle. in london, cbs news. >> that's one tough royal. >>> coming up after local news, highlights from president obama's second inauguration ceremony. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." [ cheering ] ♪ [ chanting ] ♪ starting at just 6 bucks. try our new southwestern mac and cheese with grilled chicken served with soup or salad. chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. i get so worried today when someone in my family gets the flu. fact: advil not only relieves body aches and pains that can come with the flu it also reduces fever fast. relief doe
. some of these protestors said they were angry at the former police chief of l.a. and new york for standing by the controversial police policy called "stop & frisk." >> i'm sorry that any police department in america that tries to function without some form of "stop & frisk" or whatever terminology they use is doomed to failure. >> reporter: "stop & frisk," staunchly defended by bill bratton in a cbs 5 interview yesterday is validated by the u.s. supreme court that says if an officer has reasonable suspicion that someone is engage in criminal activity, then the officer has the right to stop and search that person. >> for new city to say they don't do stop and friction, i'm sorry they don't know what the hell they are talking about. >> it's like chasing your tail. >> reporter: this civil rights attorney says oakland as tried "stop & frisk" in the past and went too far. siegel claims that's why the police department is now being overseen by a federal judge. >> it's the very same kind of tactic. it's very ayes, sirrive on- street policing directed
vaccinated and promptly treat any resident who shows signs of the flu. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: a group of hackers successfully targeted the computer systemave federal agency today. they called it "operation last resort," and this cyberattack was an exercise in revenge. >> reporter: the shadowy group calling itself anonymous took over the web site of a u.s. sentencing commission, a government agency that advises federal courts. the so-called hack vifts replaced the official text way message that said a line was crossed when internet prodigy aaron swartz killed himself this month. the 26-year-old was facing federal charges for using a computer network at m.i.t. to download millions of research articles. his family and friends say he was driven to suicide by aggressive prosecutors. on youtube anonymous explained its attack. >> with aaron's death, we can wait no longer. the times what come to show the united states department of justice and its affiliates the true meaning of infiltration. >> reporter: the group also claims to have downloaded encrypted government files
by the senate plans. so he plans to support that plan and also call for quick action by congress. president obama had planned to push his vision for immigration reform at a speech in las vegas today. now the president will set his plan aside and endorse a plan unveiled monday by a bipartisan group of senators. >> this is a big deal. this is an important development. this is in keeping with the principles the president has been espousing for a long time. >> reporter: the group of eight senators, four democrats and four republicans, believe their plan could pass where others have failed. >> we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. >> reporter: the proposal provides a way for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the u.s. to become permanent citizens after steps have been taken to beef up border security. the president supports a quicker path to citizenship, but the white house says he's willing to compromise. >> we will work with congress, both parties, both houses, to achieve the bipartisan bill we need. >> reporter: despite support fro
with information to come forward. reporting in san jose, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> former leaders of the l.a. suburb of bell were painted as thieves today as public corruption cases went to trial. the so-called bell six are accused of nearly bankrupting the town to fund their six- figure salaries. prosecutors say the ex-mayor and councilmembers assigned themselves to various special committees and then paid themselves hundreds of dollars for meetings as short as 60 seconds. they say it went on for nearly four years. >> altogether, over $51,000 was paid to each city council member for 20 minutes of work. >> the defendants say all of that was approved by then city manager robert rizzo, who made $8,800,000 a year. he will face his -- $800,000 a year. he will face corruption champs this summer. >>> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is preparing to host a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie. zuckerberg and the republican governor have worked closely on education reform in new jersey for the past couple of years. fundraiser for christie's re- electio
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.w.a.t. team this morning after a four- hour armed robbery hostage situation down in l.a. the two robbers escaped and they are now on the run. quite a night. it started at this nordstrom rack store around 11 p.m. last night when 911 calls started coming in saying there were armed robbers inside the score. s.w.a.t. teams stormed the mall shutting down the stores evacuating workers. it wasn't until about 3 a.m. they entered nordstrom's and found employees locked in a storage area hiding in bathrooms. police say not clear when the robbers got away. >>> fbi specialists have reached the bottom of another well near linden in the search for more "speed freak" killer remains. officials expected to reach the bottom sooner but found the well was four times as deep as they initially thought. the bottom is covered with water and it sits more than 200 feet below the surface. csi teams will use a pump to remove the water and allow a camera to get a view around before digging any further. >>> california is steaming toward a budget surplus. and maybe for the foreseea
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)